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Essential Oil Rollerballs

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  • Essential Oil Rollerballs

Our Essential Oil blends are specially handcrafted to help alter your mood and uplift your spirit through the sense of smell. Our natural, organic and cruelty free oils also soothe and heal the skin where it is applied. Use on wrists and behinds ears to constantly smell the beautiful aroma. A little goes a long way. Do not use on broken, sensitive or irritated skin. Stop use and wash off if irritation occurs. External use only. Packaged in 10ml Roller Bottles.

Meditate - For Calmness & Grounding.
Breathe & Go - For Easier breathing and energy.
Revitalized - To Refresh & Perk up!
Peppermint - For concentration.
Lavender - To Unwind and relax.
Moonlight - For Peaceful Sleep.
Love - Self-Love & Sensuality.
Autumn Rain - Comfort & Relaxation.
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Essential Oil Blend Ingredients:100% pure essential oils and Jojoba Oil.

Essential oil Ingredients: 100% Pure Essential Oil & Jojoba Oil.

Fragrance Rollerballs:

Cozy Vanilla SOLD OUT

Ingredients: Fragrance and Jojoba Oil


  • Moonlight - Aromatherapy Oil
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  • Meditate - Aromatherapy Oil
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  • Breathe & Go - Aromatherapy Oil
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  • Revitalize - Aromatherapy Oil
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  • Focus - Aromatherapy Oil
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  • Autumn Rain - Aromatherapy Oil
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  • Relaxation - Aromatherapy Oil
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  • Cozy Vanilla Fragrance Oil
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  • Ember Fragrance Oil
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